Post Modern Church Survival Tip #2

Post-modern Church Survival Tip:

It’s easy to put the peddle to the metal and drive like there is no tomorrow. But from time-to-time it is beneficial to take a moment and consider one’s own surroundings, and make necessary adjustments in the fast track of life. As those roadways become congested, it is even more imperative to slow down, keep one’s eyes on the road, and don’t drive into another driver.

Inevitably, an occasional reckless driver can really mess things up. It doesn’t matter if the hazard on the road is rain, ice, snow, fog, or another driver. Precautions must be taken seriously. As is seen in the video below, one’s actions can trigger a chain reaction that can often lead to death. And since we are creatures of habit, one days sinful behavior can have devastating repercussions.

So, when faced with life’s challenges, it’s imperative to keep our eyes on the road. And for Christians, that straight and narrow journey comes with a very important road map and guide for our faith and practice–the Bible (KJV).

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