Post Modern Church Apostasy Alert

Remember the pastor (Scott Rodriguez) who made a stand for the gospel of Jesus Christ, back when a false prophetess spoke across the street from Calvary Chapel (St. Petersburg)?

Well, recently he faithfully exercised his responsibility as a pastor to attempt to bring correction to certain leadership at Calvary Chapel, who was involved with drinking and listening to sexually charged music, amongst other things? Pastor Danny Hodges did what all supposed hirelings do to faithful men of God. He gave Scott Rodriguez the choice of either resigning or being terminated.

Of course it is much easier to get rid of the trouble maker that is turning everything upside down than it is in obeying the message that God has given faithful men of God for the Church. We are certainly living in the last days, and there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing that are standing in front of congregations as if they were men of God. If they were men of God, they would be more offended with sinful living than hearing the Words of the Lord.

Here is a public statement from Pastor Rodriguez:

‘April 11, 2014

Dear friends,

Crystal and I want to thank you for your love and support. I’m aware many of you want to know why I resigned from being a pastor at Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg (CCSP). Above all else I want you to be assured of two things: First, though I am a wretched sinner, I have not fallen into sin. Any allegations to this affect are coming from person(s) without knowledge. Secondly, I want to affirm that I believe the pastors of CCSP are true men of God.

I also want those of you who love my family, but are in conflict over my resignation to know that we support you in continuing in fellowship at CCSP.

As for my reasons for resigning, you should know the following: Over the years I have raised various concerns about our direction in ministry. There have also been occasions where I’ve vocalized disagreement with other leaders. In most cases godly resolutions have come forth. However, an undercurrent of tension has remained between some of us due to the intense nature of our interaction. Until recently, it seemed to me that great strides were being made in reestablishing our unity. Several months ago Pastor Danny gave me his approval to take initial steps in planting a church in Tampa. The majority of the pastors expressed positive sentiments about the vision. Hence, a group of people who are committed to the vision began meeting in Tampa for a Home Fellowship shortly after. As of late February Pastor Danny was ready for me to present the vision to our Elders.

Before the Elders meeting came, I brought up a concern in our pastors meeting about some of our leadership engaging in sinful behaviors (overtly sexually immoral music and flippant alcohol use). I did not name anyone. My encouragement was that we would be diligent to let the leaders under our oversight know what the Lord expected of them. This was not received well by some of the pastors.
The following week I was asked not to communicate the Tampa Church vision to the Elders.

Pastor Danny, along with Pastor Dave Dodge and I engaged in two meetings following this decision. In the first, Danny explained that due to my extreme views he didn’t see how we could move forward together in ministry. I inquired as to what those extreme views were. No example of an extreme view was given. He did say we had different views of what constituted sin. I asked for a specific example. None was given. Therefore, I concluded that in large part, he was reflecting on the events described above.

Two weeks later (on April 10) I was given the choice between voluntarily resigning with a severance package or ultimately being terminated without one. For me the choice was clear. I needed to act in the best interest of my family.

The Sovereignty of God in all of this has been amazing. God has been preparing my wife and me for this for years, but most recently His foot-steps have appeared more vividly than ever. Months ago, as I was reading the story of Jephtah, the Lord prompted me that something like this was coming. For those of you who don’t know the story, Jephtah was the black-sheep of his family. He was a son of a Nobleman, but unlike his brothers he was born of a prostitute. Jephtah’s brothers had a tough time accepting him due to his background, and eventually drove him away. For a time he lived apart from his people and the city he loved. But events that no one could have foreseen brought about a grand reconciliation!

That is my hope in our situation. We look for God to bring reconciliation in His time. Until then we will remain fully engaged in the work of our God!

Finally, we want you to know whether you’re among those continuing with us in ministry or not – we love you.
Scott Rodriguez & Family”

So what is the answer? Perhaps it’s time to hold pastors and leadership accountable in the Body of Christ. Our dependence on man leads to bondage, as demonstrated in Roman Catholicism and the worship of the Pope. We need to know the Word of God for ourselves, and walk in the light of God’s Word. There is only one head to the Body of Christ, which is the Lord Jesus Christ.

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  1. I was a pastor at CC St Pete in 1999-2000 and brought up these issues and the ones that have come to light recently. I was shunned by all and was told similar as you were, but no option for severance.

    • Wow, that is terrible! Well, Hodges is no longer with the Church as of a couple of weeks ago. As far as we know he had a drinking problem. But the problem most likely runs much deeper. He most likely will start another Church in the area.

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