NAR Invasion into Christian Ministries – Perry Stone, Part 1

Winter Reformation 2015

The Influence and Delusion of the NAR at OCI

Perry Stone is well known around the world for being an Evangelist and teacher of the Word of God. He was born on June 23, 1959 in West Virginia to a family of preachers. One of his passions in life has been studying the Word of God, of which he has dedicated thousands of hours to meticulous research. His first sermon was preached in 1976, when he was sixteen years old. Before long he became a traveling preacher at the age of eighteen. In 1985 he established Voice of Evangelism Outreach Ministries as a non-profit organization. Over the years he has preached at many churches and conferences like the International Prophesy Conference. He has also distributed VOE Newsletters and has written more than eighty books. By 2000, he began to broadcast the weekly Manna Fest television broadcast on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Mr. Stone is known for being an excellent expositor of Scripture, and he takes great joy in sharing golden nuggets of truth from the Word of God. His notoriety around the world has gained him a huge following of people that simply enjoy his ministry and travel great distances to hear him preach. What began as a simple and modest ministry soon grew into what is regarded as a ministry empire. In 2013, the three thousand seat auditorium of Omega Center International, Inc. opened, having a price tag of $22,000,000 (Bradbury, 2011. Million-dollar ministry: how Cleveland evangelist Perry Stone built a ministry empire.

For me, Mr. Stone has been a blessing over the years. In a time of which I was struggling in my walk with the Lord, I began to watch Manna Fest and purchased and read many of Mr. Stone’s books. At one point, I was even a monthly contributor to his ministry. That all changed for me after Mr. Stone began to develop his own Bible. Not long after that, news broke out that OCI was in development and funds were being sought to complete the project, of which some of the funds came from a discovery of gold on the property which dates back to the Civil War. Soon after OCI began as a ministry, I began to see troubling signs that something was terribly wrong, the first of which is that the ministry was playing Jesus Culture songs. I began to see advertisements for Warrior Fest and the Winter Reformation, all of which reminded me of the influence of William Branham’s New Breed/Manifest Sons of God lingo. Before long Mr. Stone was announcing his meeting with Reinhard Bonnke, who is a known affiliate of the New Apostolic Reformation and associate of Bill Johnson. I began to see further signs of decline in Mr. Stone’s ministry as he began to adopt the teachings and practices of the NAR. Most recently he has been having “impartation” services which are nothing more than “fire tunnels” that have been popularized by Johnson’s Bethel Church in Redding, Ca. Now Mark Casto is promoting the International House of Prayer (IHOP), and he is teaching the NAR’s propaganda on the redistribution of wealth. Here’s a quote from Casto:

“There is a major transfer of wealth coming to the body of Christ in order to finance the end-time outpouring! Are you ready to participate? Is your heart able to handle the transfer? God will bless those who will be a blessing!”

A close look at the OCI symbolism reveals the connection of the ministry with the NAR and the 7 Mountains Mandate. Even more startling is Casto’s symbol of the ouroboros on his ministry page. Recently Perry Stone was leading young people in a dance around a replica of the Ark of the Covenant, the dance of which resembled the Israel’s worship of the golden calf at the time when Moses was on the Mount receiving the Commandments of God. More and more signs of trouble continue to show themselves as days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and months turn into years. It is my earnest prayer that God would reveal the truth of His Word to Mr. Stone and that Mr. Stone would repent and get back to preaching the rock solid truth of God’s Word without compromise. If the apostasy continues to grow at OCI, the ministry may one day be destroyed completely. Please pray for Perry Stone, Mark Casto, VOE Ministries, and OCI. If Mr. Stone would come to the realization that he is being victimized by the invasion of locusts into his ministry, he may be able to in turn expose the NAR for what they truly are, the enemies of the Cross of Jesus Christ. To be cont.

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  1. I’m a Christian man living in Redding, CA, the hometown of Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church. I’m deeply concerned for the people attending Bethel, as I’m convinced they are being led astray by false teachings and heresy. Please be in earnest prayer for the people of Bethel. Many of them are young. May Bill Johnson and Chris Vallaton be moved to repentance. And may God receive the glory when Bethel collapses on its foundation. For it is built on lies and deception.

    • Shane, I couldn’t agree with you more. For some time now it has been my prayer that God would open the spiritual eyes and ears of Johnson, Vallotton, and all the other usual suspects and followers. They are peddling New Age Spirituality, passing them off as the doctrines of Christ. If they do not repent, that is a clear indication that they are not children of God. The standard that all true Believers follow in life is the Word of God. To stray from that standard is to lose one’s way in following the Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Jesuit Infiltrators. The assumption that these Roman Catholic Jesuit Priests on TBN are “sincere” and “going astray” is naive. They work for the pope. The pope calls in his chips… and they do what they are told. Their vow is to do obey their superiors without question… and kill all saints globally.

    These are not “misguided” souls. They are infiltrators who gather to themselves a following… then follow orders to lead the flock over the cliff.

    It’s what they do. They are Jesuits.

    • I would certainly agree that they appear to be Jesuits. There is enough evidence that indicates that they are not Bible-Believing Christians. Its a shame that they are not serving the Lord. There is a generation of youngsters that really want to have a deeper relationship with God, yet they are being led astray. I pray that they would repent. The doctrines of Christ are !ore than enough.

  3. Unfortunately, that reality is not so evident with many people. The Jesuits don’t just come out and let us know what they are up to. They chip away at our values and collect our money to build their kingdoms. Holding the line and clinging to every Word of God is essential to our survival in these last days. Any variance from the truth leads to delusion, destruction, and a departure from all that is good, just, and pure. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

  4. With the change in pastors I think OCI will return to being rooted where it belongs. The new pastor seems to be old school, Bible based. He talks to people and you know he genuinely cares about them. Mark wouldn’t talk to people, he once said, “You have to go thru the ‘process’ to get access.” That’s total nonsense. He has his little click, and everyone else is numbers in the auditorium and checks waiting to be written and you feel like he couldn’t care less about these people as individuals. That is not Christianity.
    I believe God is going to clean out the new age foolishness and return to solid Biblical Christianity.
    Perry’s Bible is not a new Bible. It is the same old Bible but he is putting his commentary in it for those who wish for a guide to help study. Bible scholars have been doing it for years, so let’s not diss Perry over a misunderstanding.

    • Thanks for that update! Are you saying that Mark Casto is no longer with OCI?

    • Mark Casto is a man of God and I would suggest that you be carful in what you speak of any man or woman of God that are God chosen vessels
      ” Do not touch My anointed ones,
      And do My prophets no harm.”
      I don’t know Mark personally but I went to visit OCI as I am registered as firehouse praying for our nation and as the Holy Spirit leads. Mark Casto treated me with sincere respect and I sense a genuine humble man of God as he truly is. Now just because he can’t hold your hand at all time does not mean he don’t care about you or others. You are to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. You got to understand that the has to many people. I pray in Zjesus Name that you keep your eyes on Jesus and let God show you the truth. God bless you al.

      • Whether or not Mark Casto is a man of God will ultimately be determined by God Himself! Casto is driving OCI into the ground as a result of his affiliation with IHOP, Jesus Culture, Bethel Church, and other members of the New Apostolic Reformation! Apart from true repentance, Casto will continue into the realm of apostasy and further delusion and reprobation!

  5. I have mega tapes..books etc from Perry Stone. Recently seeinghim on Jim Bakker show made me sick. Perry never preaches against false fact he says we will not do so. Reason he is joining the NAR..even though they say they are the army of God (Their own gods) they say they are stopping Jesus return. Evy1 isaprophet/Apostle..divorced remarried. Feathers,gems,gold dust,to sucking theanointing from graves of their selected supreme generals etc. This is total contrary to the word of God. Prove thesefalse leaders are biblical! No way are they. They’ve wrapped themselves around our President Trump as if they arereason for him beingvoted in. What hog-wash..arrogant..prideful false teachers. I have family inthishorribleteaching. Attended ToddBentley nightmare..3 months inLakeland Florida! God exposed them all. Look up AndrewStrom utube on this teaching. He was in it for years until Jesus delivered him.pls check this out.the Kundalini Spirit is evident in all their meeetings.
    With great sorrow & prayers..I pray Jesus reveals truth to those caught up in the money-control..”7 Mountain Agenda” I don’t associate with my sister or her family as she is totally bizarre seeing clouds…etc etc. they hate anyone who opposes them or tries to show them what the Lord says. I sense Perry Stone is joining this.false teaching. I decided to not buy any more tapes,dvds.or books. It breaks my heart. He so helped me in 2012-2016′

    • I can relate to you and your situation. My sister got caught up into the Jesus Culture, Bethel Church, Todd Bentley, NAR cult as well, and it ripped our family apart. We’ve come to the point of just giving them to the Lord, remembering them in prayer. It is very painful! Many of the New Breed don’t understand the gravity of their apostasy. Perry Stone has no excuse! He knows the Bible, yet he has given himself over to false doctrine. We’ve stopped supporting his ministry as well.

      • I was just praying and thinking about Perry Stone. It seems he is purposely ignoring what he use to teach as truth. I recalled two dreams he spoke of, one was a plaid jacket he took from Paul Crouch with a hole in the pocket and the other was one I think he said his brother had a dream about. His brother said he had a dream about his father in a library with books and papers all over the place, and he was crying. Instead of Perry taking heed to this dream which is obvious, he said he would offer some of his dads teaching. In reality his dad was a true servant of God and preached and taught God’s World without compromise. It seems all the teaching of his dad and what he use to preach are scattered and thrown away. I pray God wake him up. Don’t let the riches of the world spoil him. Shake him Holy Spirit.

      • Perry Stone went down really fast. And it is my prayer that the Lord would deliver him from that evil. He really did change after the death of his father. But he also took a dive when Mark Casto came into his ministry.

      • Good Morning, Angella!
        Yes, this matter is very sad, and it is my hope and prayer the Perry Stone will repent of this madness. I believe that at the root of this issue is the Prosperity Gospel that has spoiled Stone’s view of life. As the Scripture teaches, the love of money is the root of all evil.

        1 Timothy 6:10
        For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

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