NAR Invasion into Christian Ministries – Perry Stone, Part 2

Winter Reformation 2015

The Influence and Delusion of the NAR at OCI

As time continues leading up to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are witnessing what the Word of God proclaims to be the falling away. That is in great contrast to what is being falsely prophesied that there would be a great end time harvest. What is ever clearer each day is that we can rely on the Word of God to be true, the standard by which all true Believers follow (Matthew 4:4). There is certain devastation awaiting those that add to or take away from the Word of God. As Believers who have accepted the terms of the New Covenant, which was signed, sealed, and delivered by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, we do not have the liberty to create or own reality. The Church is the Body of Christ and is firmly attached to the Head, which is Christ Jesus. He is the Cornerstone of the Church, of which the foundation is sure and steadfast, unwavering, eternally established, and undefiled. Though the nature of man desires to build, some things can only be built by God Himself.

Should that not have been a lesson to be well learned in reading the Word of God’s account of The Flood, Tower of Babel, Red Sea crossing, Mount Sinai and the receiving of the Ten Commandments, Wilderness journey of Israel, and the Babylonian Captivity? Those examples, along with many other examples, demonstrate the importance of walking in the light of God’s Word. As Christians, we enter into the rest and joy of the Lord, and we lay aside our tools that were once used to carve out our own reality. Our reality is found in Christ, and Christ alone. And yet, as we wait on the Lord, there are those who are getting into trouble, falling into idolatry, witchcraft, compromise, and murmuring against the Lord,  just like Israel did when they were waiting for Moses to return from the Mount. As men erect golden calves of worship, like OCI did two weeks ago when young people danced around a golden replica of the Ark of the Covenant, they unwittingly enter into the realm of darkness and delusion. In short, there are consequences for being disobedient to God. And that is something that should give great cause for alarm when sin has entered the camp.

Like with many problems that are faced throughout the world, their seems to be agitators that strive to undermine Bible-based Christianity, who have a clear agenda that is contrary to the doctrines of Christ. That opposition which is fueled by spiritual wickedness is being exposed by the wicked fruit that is being produced. In examining the fruit, we know that the fruit is rotten, not having the benefit of having branches that were grafted into the True Vine. As devouring wolves, false prophets in disguise, likened to Paul’s proclamation in II Corinthians 11, have crept in unaware and are devouring everything in their path–like a locust invasion. That invasion is giving rise to the Anti-Christ, as delineated in Matthew 24 and II Thess. 2.

In looking at Perry Stone’s advertisement for Winter Reformation above, there is the symbolism of pyramids. Those triangles are also associated with the symbolism of “mountains,” as in the 7 Mountains Mandate of Dominionism. There is also the symbolism of Heaven Invading Earth (As Above, So Below), which is demonstrated with triangles pointing up and triangles pointing down. In addition, there is the symbolism of the Ouroboros (Snake with tail in mouth) in the letter “O” of reformation. And who can miss the globe in the background of the advertisement, a clear sign of the NAR’s quest to change the world. Do these leaders really understand the symbolism and the message that they are proclaiming to the world? Is it possible that the OCI ministry has been invaded by doctrines of demons, the influence of New Age spiritualism, and the rise of the New World Order of the Anti-Christ? There is clear and convincing evidence that they are under an assault.

That assault in large part is coming from the Counter Reformation efforts of the Roman Catholic Church, under disguise of Ecumenism (Can’t we all get along), Contemplative Spirituality, and the move away from the Word of God. Incidentally, keeping the Word of God out of the hands of the common people is exactly what led to the Reformation of the sixteenth century. Controlling the message equates to controlling the people. As they undermine the Authority of the Word of God, they are building the kingdom of the Anti-Christ. In moving away from the Word of God, they are guiding people toward their false prophets, false dreamers, false apostles, and false doctrines. Rick Joyner himself is in the Knights of Malta.

Not only is it important for Believers to pray for Perry Stone and his ministry, but it is imperative that we take heed that we do not fall ourselves. The delusion is everywhere and our faith is being tested. We are being inundated most everywhere we turn. The answer and solution is found in being true to the guidelines of Scripture. Our lives need to line-up with the Word of God, and not the Apostolic Alignment of the NAR. Being led by the Holy Spirit of God is not only a good idea, it is also the reality of those who are the Children of God. So if what we see and do is not found in the Word of God, it should be rejected without compromise–it’s nothing personal. As Christians, it is all about God. As John the Baptist proclaimed, He must increase and we must decrease.

So here’s a short test: Accept or Reject
*Fire Tunnels – Reject
*New Age Spirituality – Reject
*NAR – Reject
*New World Order – Reject
*Moving away from Scripture – Reject
*Read the Word of God – Accept
*Obey the Word of God – Accept
*Live by every Word of God – Accept
*Proclaim the Word of God – Accept
*Promote the Word of God – Accept

Hebrews 3:12, 13 “Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God. But exhort one another daily, while it is called To day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.”

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