NAR Invasion into Christian Ministries – Perry Stone, Part 3 (Quotations & Events)

Winter Reformation 2015

The Influence and Delusion of the NAR at OCI

As a resource for future generations in reflecting on NAR invasions into Christian ministries, this part includes quotations from Perry Stone and Mark Casto, which will demonstrate their involvement in that movement. The page will be updated as new quotations are documented and events occur. In time to come, it is my earnest desire to be able to report that those men have renounced their involvement with the NAR. Quotations from Perry Stone will include the abbreviation PS. Quotations from Mark Casto will include the abbreviation MC. General quotations from the ministry will be noted as necessary. May God open the spiritual eyes and ears of those ministers that are greatly admired.

Worship/Music leaders who keep me seeking: Jesus Culture, Chris Burns, Bethel Music, Brynn Waddel, Jeremy Hargis. MC

Do you want John the Baptist’s harvest or Lot’s harvest? Be like the culture, win none. Separate from culture, turn a nation. MC, 21615

Why have we settled for popular Christianity when there is so much more?   MC, 21615

There is a major transfer of wealth coming to the body of Christ in order to finance the end-time outpouring! Are you ready to participate? Is your heart able to handle the transfer? God will bless those who will be a blessing! MC, 21415

Get your eyes off of church culture trends. MC, 21215

History belongs to the intercessors! MC, 21215

If you want to shine in public, you have to burn in private. MC12915

“The days of prayer meetings to feel good are over. We must pray to win!” –Lou Engle. MC 12915

I declare over you that when these 40 days of Reformation are complete you will walk in fresh anointing, favor, divine health, and financial increase! MC, 11415

A prophetic gift can only be sharpened in the secret place of prayer with God. MC, 1915

Releasing the decrees of the Lord over the Carolinas! MC, 122014

“Jesus didn’t die to make you famous. He died to establish His throne on the earth through you.” –Rick Pino, MC 101414

Don’t allow yourself to live in the land of negativity. Speak life and watch everything fall into Divine alignment. MC 72414

“All spiritual blessings originate and are activated within the eternal spirit of a man. However, the Lord uses the natural to reflect the spiritual.” PS 21015

We are settling for blessings when we should be seeking transformation. PS 11915

Warrior-Fest 2015, Where Lambs Become Lions, OCI 1215

Bringing in the New Year with Reinhard Bonnke; encouraged by his faith building stories of God’s power. PS 123113

July 29, 2013 is the day of the first Extreme Conference at OCI.

Great day at OCI Reformation planned today! Get to the place at 10:30 for some Heaven on Earth and the impartation service. Tonight at 5 I am preaching an illustrated message and we will have a powerful move of God. It is open to everyone who wished to attended. Locals, join me tonight if possible and let’s see God’s Power released for this end time generation!!! PS 72714

Fire Tunnel at Prayer Barn 52413, PS

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