NAR Invasion into Christian Ministries – Part 4

The 7 Mountains Mandate is a clear departure from Bible-based Christianity. In fact, the 7M Mandate is a major tenant of the abominable and reckless New Apostolic Reformation. Though for many years Christians have not fully engaged culture with the gospel, the answer is not Dominionism, cultural conformance, and exposure to New Age doctrines of demons. The answer is Bible-based Christianity-the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christians are called to be holy, blameless, and pure. Walking as the Children of God, being led by the Holy Spirit.

Though we can make a difference wherever we find ourselves in this world, the only thing that can reach the deepest depths of the heart of man is the Word of God. And it is the Word of God who will one day return and establish His millennial reign. It is at that time that evil will be subdued and all things will be made right. He must increase and we must decrease. OCI is in danger of having their lampstand removed. The time for true repentance is now. Mark Casto and Perry Stone should fall on their faces before the Lord Jesus in true repentance and get back to proclaiming the truth of God’s Holy Word.

In the video above, Casto teaches people to move away from fundamentalism. Though fundamentalism has had its’ challenges over the years, replacing fundamentalism with the NAR is disastrous. Redefining Christianity into the image of the NAR is leading the way of apostasy and the worship and service of another Jesus.

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  1. What a shame about Perry Stone. I saw it coming several years ago and stopped following his ministries. Sorry to see that I was right about him. I pray that God will convict him and get him back on track. I don’t understand one thing. Does he still preach the pre-tribulation rapture of the church? I know the NAR doesn’t believe in the rapture.

    • I was once a contributor to his ministry and loved to buy his books and watch Manna Fest. That changed for me when he began to develop his own Bible. I saw the biggest change in him after his Dad died and OCI was built. He met with Reinhard Bonnke and then he began to slip into NAR dogma. Another major contributor of Perry’s decline is the influence of Mark Castro, his side kick who was influenced by IHOP and Jesus Culture. I pray that Perry Stone will repent.

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