When All Is Said and Done

Things in life are not always what that seem or do appear to be. That was abundantly clear the morning of Sunday, July 2, 2017 while our family was on our way to a local Church Fellowship. As we were approaching a red light and slowing down for a stop, a large, red truck rolled across the roadway, from East to West, went over the median, and struck a fellow (Biker Dude) stopped at the traffic light at the opposite side of the roadway. We were travelling North, and the biker was travelling South.

As the biker flew off the motorcycle, we could hardly believe our eyes. He lay on the pavement and was in enormous pain. We put the vehicle in park and ran to the assistance of the biker. He is one tough individual. Even while he lay on the ground broken and batter, bleeding and having a potential broken leg, his instinct was to get up and fight. On site, we called 911, took measures to calm the fellow down, and placed a pillow under his head. At one point we noticed that gasoline was leaking from the motorcycle. Several of us went over and picked up the motorcycle in order to stop the leak.

Of  course the big question became who did this and why? While we were tending to the individual, the truck involved continued to move, as the driver took measures to re-locate the vehicle. There wasn’t any apparent license plate on the vehicle, and we told the individual to stay put, to say the least. There is apparently conflicting eye-witness accounts as to whether or not a driver was in the vehicle when it struck the biker. From what we know, the truck was going to be towed away from the East side of the road. At some point the truck came loose from the tow truck and rolled out of control across the road.

Everything happened so fast! And in that the incident gave us an opportunity to reflect on the value of life and what it would mean to be at the edge of eternity. None of us know when we will draw our last breathe. But if we were at that moment in time, as the biker was in the accident, where would any of us stand? And that is a very important question, as eternity is forever. For us we know that we have been born again by the Spirit of the Living God (John 3). And in that we know that we have the hope of salvation. So for us in many ways, eternity is something that we look forward to. But what about those who do not know the Lord, those who have not made a decision to deny themselves, take up their crosses, and follow the Lord Jesus Christ?

As we continue to ponder this incident, we realize that but for the grace of God, we may very well have been in that accident ourselves, as we were a matter of seconds behind that accident. In this we gained a further appreciation for the Sovereignty, Providence, and the grace and mercy of God. So as we face this journey of life, we know that we walk by faith, not by sight. We know that we don’t know the future, but we know who holds the future. In that reality, we rest in the will of God, knowing that He will not allow anything in our lives that is not purposed in His Divine will.

Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

As for the biker, what an opportunity this situation has provided for him to reflect on life. We pray for his salvation and speedy recovery. When all is said and done, what matters is that we are “in Christ.” May the Lord be praised!


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